A downloadable game for Windows

Room Builder is a fast-paced wave survival shoot 'em up where you have to defend yourself from enemy cats. Unlock new gear, build walls, make your own strategies, make turrets and master your dodging/shooting skill to overcome the final challenge!


  • [WASD] Move
  • [ARROW KEYS] Shoot
  • [E] Accept/Interact
  • [Q] Go back/Building menu
  • [ESC] Pause
  • [F11] Window size
  • [M] Music and volume

Feedback is appreciated :D and feel free to ask questions!


Room Builder (1.0.2) 18 MB


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I absolutely LOVE this game!!!

Everything in there is so well put. The fast pace, the music, the graphics, the gameplay, the style, smooth controls. I seriously wanna see it moving forward!

Just please, pleeeeease add the option to play with mouse!

Some feedback:
1. A highscore counter or something would be nice!
2. description about each hat/body
3. The bear body is pretty weak
4. I don't see the point of fixing holes if enemies always break them again? What benefit does it bring to me by fixing the holes?

The game crashed on the boss fight.